Gummy Bears & Master Kush


Another one of our killer deals!
1/2 OZ of Gummy Bear & 1/2 OZ of Master Kush!

Gummy Bears: Is one of our elite strains for people looking for supreme quality at a great price. Ever notice you need to smoke too often to keep a buzz going? Not with Gummy Bears! It’s large buds boast potency that lasts for hours not to mention mouthwatering, fruity, strawberry and sugary citrus taste in every high quality puff. This 50% indica 50% sativa really is one of the new amazing hybrids that is bringing the marijuana quality to elite new levels with thanks to our new Master Grower  (grower X). Gummy Bears can be your friend day or night, it causes a sense of ease and well being with cerebral engagement and motivation alongside a touch of clear-headed focus. Gummy Bears is perfect for treating depression, chronic stress, nausea or appetite loss, chronic pain and mood swings.

Master Kush: These dense, dark, and sticky buds boast an amazingly strong kush aroma that you will notice immediately as you open your order. Known as one of the strongest kush strains available, we know that you will be satisfied. This strain is exactly what you need to help relax!

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