Tropicana & Black Sugar Rose


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1/2 OZ of Black Sugar Rose & 1/2 OZ of Tropicana!

Tropicana: Another strain by Master Grower X for our customers to enjoy! Tropicana is a rare hybrid strain at 70% sativa that offers supreme quality with a bright, clear-headed high  and eye-opening aroma and flavor, this bud is definitely one for the ages. The aroma alone reminds one of a tropical setting. Tropicana hits you with a long slow building effect that creeps its way through your mind with euphoric energy, and the effects are long lasting. Its buds have a sweet and sour citrus-lemon and lime flavor, with a hint of rich berries upon exhale.This bud is often chosen to treat conditions such as chronic stress or anxiety, depression, mood swings, and hypertension.

Black Sugar Rose: Big, dark, purple and deep orange buds are prominent with this very strong and long lasting INDICA along with a thick layer of white sticky trichomes, like the name suggests (sugar) Black Sugar Rose offers a mildly uplifting high at first then transforms into a deeply relaxing experience that increases in waves as the heaviness of the high kicks in. It often leaves the smoker with a happy feeling that is perfectly accompanied by a warm body high.

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